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Recent FAQs

How to raise funds?

For raising funds, you need to create campaign at https://uphatter.com. Once campaign created, you can share it at social media. Follow steps on this page to raise quickly funds. https://uphatter.com/page/how-to-get-quick-donations-uphatter-crowdfunding-platform

How many campaign i create?

You can create unlimited campaigns at https://uphatter.com and raise unlimited funds for any cause or project

How to promote my campaign?

You can get quick donations by sharing your campaign at social media. 

According to experts 1 share at social media average generate $10 per share. Share your campaign and request your friends and family to share your campaign to generate funds soon.

Where i can share campaign?

There are a lot of ways you can share your campaigns.

1. Share at your Facebook profile

2. Share at Facebook Groups

3. Share at your Facebook page

4. Share at your Twitter account

5. Share at your Instagram account

6. Share at your Tumblr account

7. Share at your Google Plus account

8. Share at your Snapchat account

9. Share at your Vkontakte (VK) account

10. Share at your Pinterest account

11. Share at your Linkedin account

12. Share at your Telegram account

13. Share at your Reddit account

14. Share at your Deliciuos account

15. Create video of your campaign, insert campaign link in description and upload it to Youtube and Dailymotion

16. If you have your website or blog, you can copy your campaign embed code and insert it into your website or blog.


You can also hire freelancers service from Fiverr.com who are promoting crowdfunding campaigns at socail media infront of millions of followers. Click here https://bit.ly/FiverrCrowdfundingPromote to promote campaign with Fiverr


How to featured my campaign at Uphatter?

Do you want to featured your campaign at Home page

and some other palces at uphatter.com and our partners list to reach more doners for just $5?



Step 1. Go to this page and signup https://support.uphatter.com

Step 2. After login, go to this page https://support.uphatter.com/client/plans and select package as per your need.

Step 3. After your package payment received, your campaign will be featured at uphatter.com home page and some other places within 24 hours.

It will help you to generate more donations.

How can i earn money with Uphatter?

There are 3 ways you can earn money with Uphatter.

1. You can create campaign and raise funds for you business, or for cause.

To raise money, please go to this page https://uphatter.com/create/campaign and create campaign. After creating campaign share it Share at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Whatsup With Your Friends & Family. Its a big trick to share your campaign at social media 1-3 times per day. It helps to increase chances of more donations.

2. You can join Uphatter Affiliate Program.

You can earn 15% for donations and $5 per each 500 Impressions or clicks. The process is very simple, click this link and signup https://affiliate.uphatter.com . Copy your affiliate link and share at social meida. You can also write article about Uphatter or about crowdfunding and insert you affiliate link in your blog or website. Your each click, impression, sales etc. don't be wasted, we will pay you for that.

3. You can join our Ads Network Platform

Do you have your own website, blog, shopping site? You can monitize your website with us. You can earn $0.01 - $10 with PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy. 

Minimum withdraw $50

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